Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I am packed in the van!!
My sister and I are headed out!

However, first we are to go to Fat Bruces for a celebratory end of the year meal! I cannot wait. Yum!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Oh my goodness--I am DONE with exams!! Joyous day!!
I've spent a good chunk of today packing. It has been epic. I am so glad I have the option of storing things over the summer--there is SO much stuff. I cannot believe it. It's all so heavy, too. I miss Zach so much--but he'd also be a great help getting everything downstairs!! Haha.

Yea, Zach left Saturday afternoon. I was so sad. I ate a brownie about the size of my face, and watched very classy VH1 shows...and began a slow packing process. It was a sad day!

However, things are going better, and with the summer so close (tomorrow!!) I am just looking forward to it! I have a job, which is awesome. I'll see Zach sooooon. And I just want to have a fun, sun, warm summer.

I will probably write tomorrow, as I need to stop into work and send more things out and such!!

Have a good day!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Campus has this freaky calm "oh it's reading day, which means no class, which means we can relax, right?" SO WRONG. I feel like I'm about to explode!! My body wants to pull itself apart in several different directions. It's quite distressing.

Write three papers tonight.
Study for test.

Wake up.
Take test.
Turn in two of the three papers.
Live in the library for a few more hours.

After work I'm headed to the commons to meet Amanda for dinner, watching Zach and the band play in the Pops concert. That should be a nice relaxing bit of my day. Then to work to work and to study! JOY OF JOYS!!!

Hm. A band called "Farewell" just came up on my Pandora playlist. Love it--a LOT. Nice. Yay a good discovery of the day!

Well, friends, I am off! I'll blog tomorrow after my line that says "Turn in two of the three papers." Woops!


Monday, May 4, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Second to last day of class!!!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

Modern Art went well, Art History was okay....Astronomy was kind of hilarious, and Contemporary Lit was LONG.

Good news though--I got an 'A' on my presentation in Modern Art!! I just opened that e-mail. Hooray!! I feel very optimistic about that course's grade this semester.

Tonight I am looking forward to dinner, getting LOADS of things done (like homework, for starters), and watching a late movie or hanging out with Zach. Then sleep. I love love LOVE sleep.

The astronomy poster looked great--I think Patrick and I will get a good grade on it. Professor Williams-Norton had us do a poster-project on literally anything we could related to space, so we chose to do Astrology and the Zodiac! If I had more hours in my life I would have done some cute illustrations for these, but seeing as this was a teeny portion of our overall grade, I only did basic symbols for each Zodiac. Plain and simple--good way to get it done!!

Okie dokie--time for eating!


Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I have been asked to blog about George. George is my roomie's boyfriend, who is abroad. He's in Italy right now, but was in England earlier. He's on the London/Florence program. It sounds like a really fun time! George is really into theatre, and is a great guy. I know Amanda can't wait until he comes back to the states!!

While we had a awful quiz in Astronomy today, I got my new jeans today!! So excited. They fit really well, and perhaps I will wear them for tomorrow for SPRING FEST!!!!!

OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPRING FEST!! It will be so much fun. Reel Big Fish is playing, and at around 1 I'll be participating in "Pie a Pi," an event we do every year. Come buy pies to be thrown in my face! It'll be really fun, but messy, and I'll definitely need to shower afterward...but also three of my good friends are coming up and I cannot wait for that.

Oh goodness.

I know it is selfish of me, but I'd rather people who are not Ripon College affiliated or friends of said Ripon College not come to our campus. I'd be really unhappy about it. I don't know--it's our big party, you know? We don't want people who weren't invited to crash it. Hm. Hopefully not too many people do....sigh!!!

Anyhoo, time for dinner!! I am STARVING.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

I thought I had saved that draft...

I wrote out a blog yesterday with intent to finish it last night...but blogger didn't save it??! Grr.

Anyhooo, this is roughly what I wrote about:
Wednesday: Classes went alright as usual. I presented my last project in Modern Art!! I was so excited to get it done!! The Modern Artist I've been researching for this final paper is Stuart Davis, who was a cubist painter. I think I did relatively well, and Professor Kain does like that artist, so hopefully things go well!! I'll know in a couple of weeks.

So now! :
I am currently in the admissions intern office, enjoying a bowl of coco-wheats for breakfast and worrying slightly about the whole swine flu scare...I'm fairly positive things are going to be alright, but it is still scary to look at the global map and see the US highlighted in dark red, indicating more than 40 cases...ahhhhhhh this isn't cool.

But enough on that! What is scarier is the fact that I'm almost halfway done with college. Half way!! did this happen?? I'll be a junior in college, my brother will be a junior in high school!! MAN! How time flies.

Even scarier though is the work load I am about to take on. I have so much to do before packing up and going home for the summer. Lots and lots of papers and two in class finals....egad!! It will all come down to meticulous planning, eh? And bringing a sleeping bag to the library, that may help as well!!

Research paper for Modern Art, essay for Art History, two research papers for Astronomy, final paper for Contemporary class exams for Art History and Astronomy, poster project for Astronomy....


Just gotta keep singing "i will survive!!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Truly Manic Monday!!

So oh life. I was up quite late last night trying to finish a I ended up not getting a lot of sleep, but I did really well on my art history test today!! Yay!! Haha, one good thing.

No, I ended my classes on a low note, as in Contemporary Lit. we're watching "Platoon," so I guess it's going to match well with "The Things They Carried."....Hm. I don't know!! It was really depressing, and Professor Graham evilly kept us to a "certain stopping point," which I KNEW was coming, but was hoping wouldn't come, but Willem Defoe gets shot by one of his own men....ugh. Hate these kinds of movies....

much much later.

just spent EONS in the library. oh my goodness. my back hurts way way way bad.....mawrrrrr